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“A Lincolnshire Institution” (The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Lincoln )

“Oh WOW!” (Jo, age 16, loyal fan)

“Do you do Sweet Caroline?” (Officials of Lincoln City FC) …. {yes, we do}

“Magnificent, The happiest sound” (Strummin’ Steve Jackson, prominent Lincoln impresario)

“You always brighten our day” (care home resident on our regular concert rounds)

“That’s F****** magic!” (passerby, Newark Christmas shopping centre)

If you would like to book the band for your event, party, school or care home

Please check this years FUTURE gigs and bookings page on this website to see if your chosen date is already booked. We try to average one care home booking per week,  which we’ll fit around our own work & family commitments. If your chosen dates are flexible, just mention this in your email and we’ll come back to you with a selection of dates when we can play for you.

please email

INFORMATION REQUIRED before any booking can be confirmed – Please include all of the following, even if we have visited you before, to avoid confusion and make the booking process as easy as possible.

**** You may CUT – & – PASTE this wording and use it as a form template for your email if this helps. ******

  • full name, full postal address and postcode of your venue. Your care home / village hall etc. is very familiar to you and your neighbours, but we are not all Local Lincolnites and we need all the accurate information you can give us to avoid wasting time trying to find you.
  • start time and whether this is an all day event or one set of up to an hour.
  • parking arrangements – many band members travel long distances, so please ensure there are several free parking spaces available so we can unload equipment safely.
  • WC facilities – are there any within the building? are they accessible to people with mobility challenges? Is this an outdoor venue with no WC at all?
  • audience profile – will this be for elderly, children’s group, young families, general open community / all ages etc? this will help us choose suitable songs.
  • Wall – our show usually involves projecting song lyrics onto a white / plain pale wall or screen. If you do not have such a surface at your venue and would like us to bring our portable screen please include this in your request as we need to organise the car seats to fit in the screen.
  • PRS – if your venue is anything other than a residential home, please let us know if you have a PRS licence. We can play in any location, but we do have to comply with paperwork and PRS fee requirements in order to play copyright music in public spaces so we’ll need this information for our records.

FEES – Band members are all volunteers and receive no personal payment for playing. It does cost money to run the band and maintain and replace shared equipment (gazebo, amplifier, projection & computer, purchase of insurance and sheet music, PRS for using copyright music, rehearsal room hire) We are happy to receive voluntary donations (usually between £20 and 50) from not – for – profit groups. We car-pool our transport as often as possible and the drivers receive 15 pence per mile as a contribution towards fuel costs – calculated from either their home address or our main weekly rehearsal building, whichever is the lower.

We do not use any pre – recorded backing tracks, voice modulators or any other electrickery / karaoke – type equipment, we are 100% live and unplugged proper traditional style musicians. Only the bass is amplified and we bring everything needed.


We want to delight our audiences so – in order to avoid disappointment and confusion – we can only confirm bookings by direct email once all the information above has been received by email. Telephone or letter or ad – hoc conversation is not a confirmation of booking, only an email direct from with the title BOOKING CONFIRMATION is a firm confirmation of a booking date and time. All confirmed bookings will appear on this year’s gigs and bookings page, please feel free to check your booking here on our website.

Thank you for your co-operation, this is for your peace of mind and to avoid any confusion.


In these safety – conscious & red – tape times, we are aware that venues may need to see copies of our current PLI or include them in your risk assessment. Here are copies, please feel free to download and print them for yourselves if you are a venue manager / event organiser and need to see the paperwork before booking the band. The PLI is renewed on a rolling yearly basis.

Employee Liability Insurance certificate 2018: LUB ELI 2018

Public Liability Insurance certificate 2018: LUB PLI 2018


Further Information for your risk assessment, please feel free to email any particular questions if your answer is not already here:

  1. Our ukuleles are acoustic, they do not require electrical power. The bass guitar does require electrical amplification but can be powered by its own internal batteries. We do not bring an electrical generator. We do not need mains electricity.
  2. For outdoor events we bring and erect our own gazebo – this is a standard, commercially available shelter-tent with a footprint around 4m x 4m it has a properly fitted & current fire label. Guy-ropes are used only in very windy weather and they shall be decorated with brightly coloured bunting to indicate potential trip hazards.
  3. No naked flames or flammable liquids of any kind are used by the band during performances or stored in the music stands, chairs etc. while the band are performing. We do not currently use solidified carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, laser beams, smoke machines, or other pyrotechnics in any performance. One of the bassists vapes between sets, but he is well trained and doesn’t do it in the tent. We have just the one smoking band member at present, and she is very quiet, polite and considerate, in fact, even more polite and considerate than the vaping bassist.
  4. Our performances do not feature live animals. We have a tame coco-tronic 3000 rhythm machine TM – this is under the control of a trained handler and does not pose any biting hazard. The coco-tronic 3000 is humanely wrangled by the drummer. Most of the time.
  5. No peanuts or other allergens are used in our shows. Our songs are now 90% gluten and lactose- free and do not contain sulphites. One of the expert kazooists may use sulphites at home for cleaning  her diaphragm (in the kazoo) but don’t worry, she is a retired nurse and very hygienic.
  6. Our musical director is particularly fond of cakes with tea after the performance (not before, as dairy cream can have adverse effects on vocal range and make high notes challenging, particularly reaching that F sharp in “Bring me sunshine”. Fresh cream cakes are always welcome and will almost certainly ensure a repeat booking. The band secretary and treasurer do as they are told once the boss has judged the cake / biscuit offerings.
  7. At least two of our band members are well over 6ft tall. While this is very useful for putting up the gazebo (see item 2 above)  Please ensure any doorways lower than 6’6″ are clearly marked with blue flags at 15cm intervals and full EU safety-compliant lighting after sunset and during the hours of darkness.
  8. Please don’t start nattering “wottizzit / hoo-izzit / wennizzit” at our booking secretary or asking rapid questions about upcoming gigs / available dates / travel directions / start times / set-lists / parking arrangements / telephone numbers / dress codes and liability forms as soon as she gets in the door. She is “at that funny age” and her head is so full of chord diagrams, bridge intervals, harmonics, scales, turnarounds and key signatures that she cannot also keep the entire gig calendar in her head. Almost all the information you need is already available on the website which she spends many many patient hours updating every week – please do help yourself and look there first before asking the same questions.
  9. We do not need special health assistance from venues. Band members are all responsible for their own regular health checks and will bring any necessary prescription medication in correct containers labelled with their names. Pharmacy and all other medications will be kept under close supervision on the band members’ person. We do not bring an official medical officer of our own to each performance, but we have several (trained but now retired) medics, nurses and first – aiders in the group and most of the band are responsible adults who will find out how to call for help if needed.
  10. That should be all, I can’t think of anything else at the moment.


To join the band 

  1. Look for the big Tesco superstore on Wragby Road
    Look for the big Tesco superstore on Wragby Road. Once you are safely inside the store, locate the fresh fish counter. We have included a picture to help you locate the fishmonger, who (as well as monging the fish, freshly) is like a friendly troll guarding the portal to the community room. The fishmonger’s name is John Dory and this week’s password phrase is “Am I at the right plaice?”

If you already play ukulele (or bass!) and would like to meet the band or attend a rehearsal with a view to joining us, we meet every Thursday evening at 7pm in the community room behind the fish counter at Tesco Wragby Road LN2 4QQ just email us to let us know you’ll be coming along. Bring your ukulele / u – bass, or just come along to find out what goes on at our rehearsals.

  1. A copyright - free image of a fishmonger with some fish, being monged, freshly.


NB these sessions will often have guidance on music theory, TABlature, picking / strumming techniques and the more intermediate -to- experienced progressions, jazz chords etc. The emphasis is on trying out different vocal harmonies and voicings and agreeing on musical arrangements of each piece to give the best, most polished performance possible for our audiences. You are welcome to attend either or both sessions, see which suits you to start with, we are all members of the same band and all have the same aim – to bring inclusive, affordable live music to the community with our ukuleles.

If you prefer a club – style strum-along  and would like to play ukulele in a fun group, email us, we run a relaxed learners- to – improvers jamalong group on Tuesday evenings 7pm Burton Road methodist church LN1 3LW we can get you started with a loaner uke and some basic guidance in a group setting. Here you can learn and practice the most popular chords, strumming rhythms, fun easy songs and singalong in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. There will be experienced singers and players joining in too to help keep things in time and tune and you’ll soon feel part of the session.

Travel Directions – NB This is NOT the Orthodox church on the roundabout with the free car park in front, it is the Methodist Church hall on the main road Burton Road near the famous Burton Road chippy. From the “shell garage roundabout” you need to be heading in towards town, the Methodist church hall will be on your left hand side, one block into Burton road at the corner of Mount Street. Parking on street is usually available nearby. Here is a picture of the building to help you find us. (NB depending on the time of year, there may or may not be snow on the roof 😉


No prior experience is necessary. You do not need to be able to read music as a beginner. Don’t be shy, if you have always wanted to learn an instrument now may be the time- drop us an email! You’ll learn much faster as part of a group making progress than struggling along at home. A collection pot is passed round, though you are under no obligation to contribute any money. A voluntary donation of £1.50 per person per Tuesday session covers the cost of the room hire and songsheet / music printing each week.

Tuesdays are oriented towards complete beginners -up to improver level and you’ll get help and on – the – spot guidance from more experienced players with time to help you, we can lend you a ukulele each and get you started even if you have never played any musical instrument or sung before. You do not need to be able to read music at all for these sessions.

Thursdays are for improvers & intermediates are great fun but the pace is a little  more brisk and geared towards rehearsing arrangements and the original aim of the band – which is to bring live music performances to the community. Time is spent preparing for shows and performances in the community. There may be rehearsals including some tablatures or other musical notation. As a guide if you have played any other instrument  or had any formal music education, the level is about Grade 2/3 so still very accessible, simple and inclusive. Those who cannot read music or tablature rely on chord diagrams and these are all provided in every session. There are opportunities for the more ambitious / skilled musicians to develop instrumentals, solo / duets etc which are included in public performances, but most band members are content just to join the general ensemble and there is no requirement to audition or perform solos  unless you so choose!

Lots of members go to both sessions, some choose one or the other and some just join in on Tuesdays as a bit of social fun and don’t take part in concerts, it’s up to you, come along and find out what suits you.

You’d be welcome to join either session or both, they just have different “flavours”

Baritone players – You are very welcome to join us if you play baritone ukulele, some of our members are also keen guitarists / bassists / banjo / mandolin players and we like to feature these and other instruments in our performances to add variety and entertain our audiences. However, to keep things straightforward for the learner – improver group we do not teach the baritone – specific chords, and most of our printed music and songsheets will have only the standard concert tuning (gCEA / GCEA) notated chords to avoid confusing our beginners & improvers. If in doubt about what sort of ukulele you have, bring it along to a Tuesday session and one of our experienced players will be able to advise you, and lend a concert-tuned instrument if you require.


COSTS & FUNDING – As a community group we operate on a not-for-profit basis. Band members are true volunteers and do not receive any payment or compensation for performing, teaching music or hosting our entertainments, events and workshops. Lincoln Ukulele Band members subscription is just £1 for a whole year’s membership. Tuesday beginner group (£1.50) and  Thursday (£1) rehearsal sessions are supported by a voluntary donation into the collection pot per person per session.

All donations from venues, corporations and money raised from collections at fetes etc go towards our community work in care homes and schools and cover the costs of running the band (public liability insurance, printing the song- sheets, maintaining and running the printers and projectors, sheet music, rehearsal room hire etc)

Our facebook page link is at the base of this webpage.